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Polish Girls
Thank you for visiting our Polish girls photo and image gallery. In this section of our website, we have compiled a large database of photos related to Polish girls. Some of these photos we've taken ourselves, while some of them have been sent in or submitted to us by our website visitors. If you have a great related photo featuring a Polish woman that you feel our visitors should see, then please send it to our webmaster for publishing. If you plan to send us a photo to host here on this page, then please make sure the photo is crisp, focused, and of high visual quality. We also would kindly request that you possess the original copyright over the image, and have permission to host it with us. Please do not send us photos that you do not hold the original copyright over. With regard to the photos themselves, please only submit tasteful photos of fully clothed women. We don't host any adult content on this website, as it's family safe only.

Many of the photos hosted here are of famous Polish celebrities. Polish female celebrities are known throughout the world for their grace, elegance, and beauty. Some of these celebrities are actresses, authors, politicians, athletes, and other famous Polish females. You will find photos here of Anna Mucha, Leelee Sobieski, Izabella Scorupco, Dagmara Dominczyk, and other Polish beauties. Some of these gorgeous women live and were born in Poland, while others are of direct Polish descent, yet have never lived within the country. Our goal will be to present quality photos that are representative of a broad spectrum of Polish celebrities, so as to give our viewers a comprehensive view on who's who within Poland. We will also try to find photos that are unique and interesting, and that are not widely available anywhere else. Again, you may submit a photo of a Polish female celebrity if you wish, but you must own the photo's rights.

Now not all of our photos and images will be glamour and glitz, or poster girl bombshells. We also will be adding photos here of historic Polish females, such as scientists, Polish first ladies, artists, singers, writers, and even historic female Polish soldiers. Our website isn't just devoted to smoking hot Polish women, it's primary focus is on all Polish women throughout history, regardless of how much sex appeal they do or do not possess. So if you come across a photo of a Polish woman here on our site that doesn't look like it features a top tier model, then click on it anyway, as you might learn something new and interesting about a famous Polish female figure of significant importance. We've made sure to properly tag each photo with a title, so simply right click on the photo and you will see the person's name within the anchor text field. Most of the girls in our photo section, also have a corresponding article about them on our site.

As a quick update, I would like to send a message of appreciation to all of you who were kind enough to submit photos to us for publishing. The overwhelming majority of photos in our Polish girls image archive are now from our actual visitors. All of the girls are absolutely beautiful, and an excellent representation of all of the female beauties in Poland. We plan to publish a whole bunch more photos of Polish girls, so please be sure to keep sending in your photos, and we'll place them here as quickly as we can, which is usually just a couple of business days. Anyway, our archive is a great start as is, and we hope that you enjoy the photos. Be sure and click the small thumbnails, as they will open up into a larger photo. As we mentioned previously, if you would like information on each individual photo, then simply right click on the thumbnail, and select photo properties from your drop down menu. In the menu you will see the title of the photo.
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After browsing through our Polish girls photo gallery Chris from Seattle Washington sent our staff the following question. He asked what color hair do most Polish girls have? While I don't believe that any official census has ever recorded such data, I would say that based on my own observation most Polish girls have light brown to dark brown hair. The second most common hair color for Polish girls would probably be a tie between blond and black. Red haired or ginger haired girls while quite common in Poland would definitely make up a small minority of the population.

As is the case in most Western countries a large percentage of Polish girls dye or color their hair. Hair color fashions seem to oscillate between pure blond and jet black, however not many girls have either as a natural hair color. Hair highlights and accentual coloring is also very in fashion in Poland, where Polish girls seek to strengthen or even out existing hair colors towards a solid shade. Off the beaten path hair colors such as pink, blue, purple, or green can also be seen from time to time in the Polish punk and gothic circles of society, however these people make up a tiny minority of people.
What Color Hair Do Most Polish Girls Have?
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