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Polish Girls
Polish Girls
We would like to thank you for visiting our website, which is obviously dedicated entirely to Polish Girls. As many of you may already know, Polish women are world renown for their intelligence, beauty, elegance, strength, loyalty, and grace. Here at our website we pay tribute to the Polish girls in Poland and abroad, by publishing articles and information with them as a focal point. Many of these articles center on culture, religion, art, language, history, dating, and marriage. Do be sure to thoroughly browse through our entire site.

Aside from the central topic, we also have a rich and growing database of articles related to Poland and Polish culture. We explore the history of the country, it's economy, weather, news and current events, and a variety of other information that you're likely to find entertaining. If you have any questions about Poland, or relationships and dating within a Polish cultural context, then please feel free to drop us a note. Response time to email inquiries is generally one to two business days. Thanks again for checking out our website.
Polish Girls

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I've noticed throughout the internet there are various websites that claim to hold the golden rule set for dating Polish girls. The websites attempt to convince you that if you follow their rules point by point, that dating a Polish girl will be a breeze, and all of your wildest dreams will come true. It's difficult to fully express just how ridiculous almost all of these claims are, and I can only conclude that the articles or secret tips were concocted as part of a creative writing experiment, or worse the authors are extremely ignorant.

Polish culture and customs aside, people are not a bulleted check list, and to squeeze millions of women into a single generalized persona, is simply foolish, or perhaps someone's wishful thinking set loose on the internet. While ethnically speaking Polish women come from a fairly homogenous group, they are as diverse in personality and individual characteristics as any other nationality or large group of people. What just might impress one Polish girl, could fall short with another. There is no magic formula for success.

As anyone who is experienced in dating will tell you, one of the most important factors to successful dating, regardless of where you are, can be summed up in one word, active. The more actively you date, the greater your chances are of finding a compatible person or partner. This rule applies to Poland as well. Actively dating, or being socially active, doesn't necessarily mean that you're racking up notches on your bed post, it simply means you're usually socially available to mingle, mix, and go out and have a good time.

If you're dating a Polish girl, and yet are not Polish yourself, then obviously there is always the chance that you will have to overcome some language or cultural barriers, before fully getting to know the person. This process can be quite slow if there are some serious communication or language impediments, and in many cases this will impede a deep relationship from forming quickly, or at all. Learning a foreign language from the ground up, just so that you can find out if you're compatible with someone, is quite the risky move.

If there is one generalization about Polish girls that almost everyone seems to agree with, it's that for some odd reason there seems to be way more insanely beautiful women in Poland per capita, than in most other countries. Outside of good genes, one factor that could play into that is that Polish women have been proven to be more physically active than girls in many other Western countries, that is a fact. If you're dating a Polish girl, don't be surprised if she enjoys hiking, long walks, bicycling, or other physical outdoor activities.

The other remaining generalization regarding Polish women that I would toss out there, which also applies to Polish people in general regardless of gender, is most have a deep sense of shared pride in Poland and being Polish. While most Poles are quick to point out the flaws of Poland, it would be rare to find a Pole who isn't happy and content with being Polish. The country has a long and rich history, much of it based on a struggle to exist between two larger historically aggressive countries, that being Germany and Russia.

For more information about dating Polish girls, please continue to browse around our website. We have a growing database of information relating to the subject, approaching it from different angles. We explore the cultural, religious, and historical background of women in Poland, which will help you understand some of the basic commonalities that they do share. If you are however looking for a magic bean type of solution on how to successfully woo a Polish girl, then unfortunately you will not find it here, as it doesn't exist.
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Polish Girls
We recently launched a section of our website dedicated to Polish girls names, and their meanings. If you are interested in giving your newborn baby girl a Polish girls name, then this would be the website to explore. Traditional Polish girls names would include Agnieska, Malgorzata, Anna, Justyna, Kamila, Krystyna, Monika, Paulina, and many others. A lot of these girls names have deep historical meanings within Poland, with many of them being heavily rooted in the Christian faith, as Poland is a Roman Catholic country.

We would also like it to be known that we are accepting name submissions to this section of our site. If you would like us to create a web page about a certain Polish girls name, along with it's meaning, then please send us an email request. We are willing to publish names that have cross European origins as well. Meaning if the name is rooted both in and outside of Poland, than that is acceptable. Generally we will have the submission live on our site no more than four business days after it has been submitted. So please send those in to us.
Polish Girls Baby Names
Poland is home to many talented and beautiful female Polish celebrities. There is also a growing number of noteworthy female expats of Polish descent living outside of the country. These women are famous for many different things, such as music, sports, acting, art, science, business, and politics. Poland has a long and rich history of gender equality, with Polish women having achieved many great feats throughout the country's ancient history. The 14th century monarch Jadwiga helped establish Krakow's Jagiellonian University.

One of the more popular Polish actresses renown around the world, is the young and talented Anna Mucha. Anna was born in 1980 in Warsaw, and has starred in films such as Schindler's List, where she played the character of the little girl with glasses, known as Danka. She currently still resides in Poland, and is frequently featured in many domestic Polish films and television shows. Other noteworthy achievements, include being the winner of the Polish version of Dancing with the Stars, also known in Poland as Taniec z Gwiazdami.

Poland also has many famous female singers, such as the pop star Dorota Rabczewska, also known by her stage name of Doda. This beautiful blonde bombshell was born in the city of Ciechanow Poland in 1984, and is quite young when considering the success she's already enjoyed. Currently she is one of the most awarded singers in Poland, having earned several Best Artist awards. She also won the Best Polish Act award issued by the MTV Europe Music Awards 2009. She currently resides in Poland, and continues to release music.

A newly crowned female Polish celebrity, Justyna Kowalczyk, is a Polish cross country skier who recently won a gold, silver, and bronze medal in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Justyna was born in 1983, and lives in the small Polish town called Limanowa. Outside of her recent Olympic wins, she also holds two gold medals and a bronze from the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2009, which took place in Liberec, Czech Republic. She is currently the most decorated female skier in Poland's history, making her destined for the history books.
Female Polish Celebrities
For those of you who are not familiar with the country of Poland it's a Central European country that shares a border with Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Kaliningrad Oblast, and the Baltic Sea. The country is fairly large in overall land mass spanning across 120,696 square miles or 312,685 square kilometers. The very homogeneous population of Poland is just over 38 million people making it one of the most populous countries in all of Europe. Poland also possesses the 21st highest nominal GDP.

As far as Poland's culture is concerned it's a very Catholic Christian nation, having been made so formally by Mieszko I in 966. Many renown and famous Poles over the centuries have helped add both character and legacy to the country's culture, to name just a few they are John III Sobieski, Nicolaus Copernicus, Pope John Paul II, Adam Mickiewicz, Marie Curie, Frederic Chopin, Jan Matejko, Lech Walesa, and many others. While Poland's culture is very European , it also has a very rich uniqueness which sets it apart from others.
Poland Quick Facts
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